Hollywood Surprises Me

A couple of years ago, we saw the movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  Seemed like a dumb name to me but the movie was enjoyable and had a sweet plot.  Of course, like all “teen movies” it focused on all the drama and “coming of age” things that those movies tend to capitalize on.


What it didn’t do was glorify foolish actions.  In the first movie, one young woman tried to find happiness by chasing a guy and then tossing her virginity.  Why did I let my older daughters watch it?  Why watch something so absolutely unedifying and clearly not glorifying to God?   Several reasons.


  1. They didn’t show it.  You had no doubt what happened but you weren’t an eyewitness.  I don’t care to watch that kind of stuff.
  2. They didn’t glorify it.  Quite the contrary- they showed the reality of teen premarital sex.  It’s not all that Hollywood usually makes it out to be.  Makes out. Funny.  They showed the girl hurting after her decision.  They show her grieving and alone.  It’s beautiful in its bittersweet sadness.  I wanted to wrap my arms around her and tell her that Jesus could wash the pain and loneliness away.
  3. Repentance.  The guy took advantage of a hurting young girl and then showed up to apologize. 


So, when the second movie came out, I was afraid of it.  The girls were in college now.  They’d surely lose this theme.  I expected more of this behavior but without the redeeming virtue of showing the downside.  I was wrong.


Yes, this movie treats premarital sex as a norm.  It’s not so much that “everyone does it” as it is “ok if they do.”  Immediate consequences follow.  Instant panic over a contraceptive failure leaves the character scared, feeling vulnerable, and realizing that there are consequences to actions.


Do I recommend the movie?  Well, if you enjoy Gilmore Girls type TV shows, this movie is definitely one you’d probably enjoy but I am always cautious about recommending something with an obvious subplot that contains something so wrong- even if it is dealt with beautifully.


I’m just so tickled that Hollywood finally showed the other side.  We wanted to stand and cheer.  It was a similar feeling to that scene in Raising Helen where Joan Cuzak confronts her niece and boyfriend after the prom in a hotel room and gives them a tongue lashing for their stupidity.


One thought on “Hollywood Surprises Me

  1. Ok, Thursday I am going to go see it. I was afraid they’d ruin it. I’m convinced… Love the first movie and can’t stand Gilmore Girls… How weird is that?!

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