Scotland the Brave~

I love the national anthem of Scotland.  There is nothing that stirs my heart like the haunting wistful skirl of the bagpipes.  I must confess these things before I continue.


I’ve never seen anything so funny as Greece, Kenya, Australia, Zambia, Mexico?, and other seemingly unrelated countries marching in the parade of nations to the tune of Scotland the Brave on the Bagpipes.


Is it just me or is that the most incongruous thing?  Fortunately China managed to march to Chinese sounding tunes.   


Now for the torch.


Then bed.


Maybe they’ll play Scotland the Brave as I go to sleep.



if they don’t, I can.  I have the Ames Brothers doing “My Bonnie Lassie”.


I’ll meet her at the shore

Playin’ the pipes for her.

Dressed in a kilt and a tam o’ shanter too

That’s why the drums are drummin’

That’s why the pipes are hummin’

My bonnie lassie’s coming, coming to me!

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