Welcome to the 21st Century

I’m here in Modesto.  I’m shopping at booths for books.  It’s cool.  I love book shopping.  As you well know if you’re a homeschool mom.  There was this book I wanted-  By Douglas Bond.  Thought you’d wanna know.


Anywho,  I couldn’t remember the name of it.  I found it when I was on my way somewhere else and then couldn’t find it again.  So, I came back to the room and whined.  It went something like this.


“I didn’t find that book!  Remember that one by Douglas Bond?  I can’t remember the name.  Now they’re closed.  I’ll have to just buy one the old fashioned way.”




For the record, I wasn’t joking.  It was an automatic statement.  I’ve come to the place in my life when buying online from Amazon or something is “old fashioned” and buying in person is “novel.”


Gives new meaning to a “novelty.”