On the Topic of Clothing…

I was reading Nancy Wilson’s blog today and this sentence popped off the page and slapped me upside the head.  (She really needs to teach her words some manners.)


Women are to exercise and express their faith in God by many means, one of those being how we dress.


Isn’t that the crux of it though?  How do we want to glorify God with what we wear?  Is it a prairie muffin styled jumper with a platter collar and big bow at the back of our waist length hair?  Is it a pair of plaid capris, and a babydoll top with a t-camisole under it for extra modesty?  What about a pair of comfortable jeans and a flannel shirt?  Maybe make those jeans a full jean skirt- or a straight one.  Boots or sandals?  Cut and styled hair or simple straight long locks?  However we choose to dress, we either glorify or bring reproach upon our Lord.  What’ll it be?


As for me and my children, we’re striving to glorify the Lord.

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