Cheerfulness Underrated~

The other day our neighbor knocked on the door.  She had a problem with her light kit on her house and wanted Kevin’s help.  We’d just had a torrential downpour the day before and like farmers or something, we felt obliged to discuss the weather.


Somehow the conversation transferred from weather, to Kevin’s singing in the rain, to how “happy he is”.  Apparently, he has made a great impression on our neighbor.  Now, you have to understand, this woman is about the antithesis of us.  She’s single, doesn’t profess Christianity (or didn’t years ago anyway) childless, and has never been married.  She lives a much more “normal” lifestyle than we do but she tolerates us quite amicably.  We’ve always been blessed to have such a good neighbor.  What we didn’t know, is tht we’ve made an impression and not just because we have ever-present children!


She said, “He’s a great guy (speaking of my Kevin).  I’m always bragging on him to my friends.  I see him going out to the garage with a huge basket of laundry whistling!  He whistles!  Who whistles anymore?  He’s just always so happy and cheerful!”


Cheerfulness and whistling.   That’s it.   


Imagine what the church could do if those called by the name of Christ were “accused” of being “cheerful all the time.” 


This made a huge impression on me.  Even when we don’t think anyone notices anything but the worst of you, it’s not true.  They also see Jesus in you if you let Him shine through.


Makes me think of that song, “Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me…”


And of course, I confess, I’m just pleased as punch that someone praised my huggy.  He’s very praiseworthy!

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