A Schedule? HORRORS!

Ok, so I have this thing about schedules.  They are not my friends.  I’ve tried every single solitary one and sabotage myself before the second segment is gone.  I pick up from where I should be and it fails again.  Woe.  Is.  Me.


The other day, I went to Google reader and found it much easier for me to use than Bloglines so I signed up and now I keep up with more blogs than I ever knew existed.  I love the “suggested blogs” and have found some I would have loved to know about for the past year or three.


Once I was familiar and using it, I saw this little ditty, “Google Calendar.”  I clicked.  I am hooked.


First,  this online calendar is easy to use, can be adapted to YOUR lifestyle, and you can have multiple calendars going!  My first thought was, “A way to shedule blog posts so that I’m not neglecting any of my blogs.  You see, I have a lot of blogs.  Thought you oughtta know.  What was that?  You knew?  Well good.  All the best people do.  Snort.


See, I’ll be talking to someone on IM, reading a message board post, or something equally intellectually stimulating and a blog idea will occur.  If I do not, immediately, start writing (and once I start I can’t stop) I’ll forget it until I’m somewhere that I can’t start writing and then I get irked and let’s face it.  That means said blog post ain’t a gonna happen.


So, I hustled back to that nifty calendar thingie and started to set me up a blog thing but I didn’t.  I put down a reminder to read The World of Captain John Smth to the kids, every day at 1:00 pm.  I tend to forget.  Shame on me.  Ths book which should have taken a maximum of 4 weeks to read is taking four months.  Times two.  Shame on me.


Well, that spiraled.  Next thing I knew, I had a menu up there, a reminder to clean the fridge, call about insurance, and my sewing projects listed.  On it went until I thought, “wow, I’ve been organizing my life and I might actually do it!”


Well, it’s Thursday.  No, everything on the list wasn’t done exactly according to schedule but most was and more was done than i’ve gotten done in a LONG time.  WAHOO.


Then, on Monday, I remembered the blog calendar.  You know, that thing I decided I wanted that took me to Google in the first place?  Snort.  I went there, did my thing, and now, I have a nice list of scheduled blogs to write about… including the one I am typing right now. These very words were decided on way back on Monday.  I didn’t know if I’d be writing that I like what it does or if I hated it, but hey.  Soon, I’ll have them written in advance.  WOAH.  Talk about organized.  I’m not sure I can handle it.  hee hee


Tuesday, I had another thought.  I could make the reading thing, be a school thing. YIPPEEEEE.  I planned and now have a nice little reminder for sevral things.  Books to read, tests to give, oh the things they’ll learn!


So, what have I accomplished this week and what have I learned from it?


  1. To read aloud about 15-20 pages in a book like The World of Captain John Smith takes me half an hour.  I am going to time it for sure and then adjust my schedule.  No reason to alot an hour if it consistently takes me less.  Then again, the hour might just be necessary for handling interruptions.  I don’t know.  But I coudln’t have told you last week if it took 10 minutes or 50.
  2. I can edit 5 portraits per hour as a general rule.  I would have thought double that.  I would have WAY underestimated the time it takes to do photo editing.  This is important since I do all of Braelyn’s photo editing at this point.
  3. Planned cleaning only works if the related areas are accessible.  I can’t plan to oil countertops if they’re cluttered and I can’t polish the floor if it is loaded with junk and dirty.  I need to make a note for the hour previous to any job for the kid of the day to get it prepped for me.  This is exciting news for me.  WAHOO.
  4. I do not like to stop sewing and put things away.  That being said, I think I must learn to do it as part of self-discipline because I DO like working in spurts instead of long stretches.  I didn’t used to enjoy that but I do now.  When our room is done, we’ll be able to have my machines left out and this will not be a problem.  YIPPEEEEEEE
  5. My children need more direction in their free time.  In the past year or so they’ve grown lazy in their pursuits and choose to sit in front of a tv or a computer far too often.  Time for a wake-up call. 


This might call for another calendar or eight. 


Schedules are supposed to work for you.  They’re a tool that you use to effectively run your life.  They’re not suppsed to run you.  This is working so far.  This is cool. 


In closing, I’d like to add one more little plug for this ingenius program.  Ten minutes before any change in activity, a neat little box pops up on your computer to remind you.  Yes.  It does.  Isn’t that SMART.  I am convinced a normal person with forgetfulness designed this dandy little program.


Go forth and conquer.  Get a Google Calendar or twenty today! 


P.S.  You can even make it public so that friends and family can add to it!  I didn’t.  I have enough to do without someone else giving me more things to do!