Tuckered:  verb- the state of exhaustion. 

Tuck: verb- to fold into.



Present- tuck

Past- Tuckered…


Example:  Tuckered out.  Past tense.  I am curious, however, considering that we “tuck in” our children when they go to bed and are “tuckered out” is that a result of the phrase “tuckered out” spawning the “tucked in” or is it the reverse?  Did people tuck in first and others discover that before hand, they were “tuckered out?”


Etymology-  It’s the new preventative mantinance for Alzheimer’s.   Well, either that or sure fire proof that you’ve already got it.  


Hmm… sure fire.  Is there “doubtful fire?”


No wait, that was a movie.  Wasn’t it?”




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