The Boys’ Abode~

We’ve been working around the house still.  The girls have drywalll around their windows now and this weekend, a DOOR!  (shouts of joy erupt from the Mojave Desert).   In addition, the boys have had attention given to their room, namely- window, paint, bedspread, organization, cleaning… you know, fun stuff like that.  So manly.



Nolan is gone this week so I thought it’d be fun to see how much I could get done while he is gone.  Kind of a “welcome home, you’ve got less work to do now” surprise. 


So far we’ve…

  • Cleaned the room
  • Mudded the window
  • Cleaned the room
  • Painted the wall without the window
  • Cleaned the room
  • Organized the books
  • Cleaned the room
  • Sanded the window
  • Cleaned the room
  • Mudded again
  • Organized books
  • Sanded again
  • Cleaned the room
  • Mudded the window
  • Cleaned the room
  • Organized another bookshelf
  • Sanded the mud
  • Painted the window wall- coat one


Obviously, it’s time for another cleaning.  UGH.  right now, sheets are getting a fresh bath.  I’m going to scrub the bed boards next.  They have GRIME on them.  GRIME.  (Say it like Sandra Bullock in the movie Speed.  “I’ve got GUM on my seat.  GUM!”)   I hope to get the books finished soon because after I get done in there, for the night, it’s time to clean up my room so that my husband and son-in-law can put in the LAST- the FINAL-





Ok, time to work.  Sme more.  There’s this bookshelf on the last wall. It’s 12 feet long and runs along the ceiling.  It’s packed.  And guess what… gotta COME DOWN.


Dad burn it.


Want proof that I’m no liar?  Ok!






I’d show pictures of the final first coat on that wall but there’s a problem.  The light in that window is so bright that it blows out the pics!  I’ll try again when it’s no longer light out.  Oh, and they did the ceiling a few weeks ago.  I’ll find those pics.  YIPPEEEEEEEEE


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