Twilight Zone~

Or: My day in LA.


So, we went to LA today.  You know, that place where people drive, bumper to bumper, at 70 mph jut to prove they can?  Ok, so maybe it’s to get somewhere in a reasonable amount of time but it sounded good 


In LA, we purchased a Saturn LW  (wagon).  This brings me to the point of this blog post.  The bank.  You kind of have to use them when you decide to spend a few thousand dollars.


Off we went.  We had a bit of trouble finding the silly entrance… it looked like a big corporate building and frankly, we expected to be told to go to xyz branch 20 miles away.   Instead, we enter this…



Can you imagine?  To get into the bank, for starters, you must go one at a time.  You open the door and enter.  You can’t get through until the other door shuts.  You open the second door and when it shuts (and you’re safely inside the bank) the person behind you can open that first door.

I’m sure it’s supposed to make you feel safe and secure but while in that cubicle all I could think of was, “Where is the antibacterial spray overhead?” and “Do they strip search with the curtains drawn or is there privacy?”


I couldn’t help comparing and contrasting with Ridgecrest.  In this little desert hamlet, one goes into the bank and they practically hand you your receipt or cash depending on whether you were going to deposit or withdraw the moment you reach the teller window.  If someone shouted, “This is a stick-up” the guy behind the teller counter would pull out a squirt gun and “cool him off” all while the rest of the patrons laughed. 


As a matter of fact,  I think people might do it just to cool off in our hot summers!  I don’t think I’ll try that in Corona.  By the time I convinced them I wasn’t serious, I have a feeling Lorna would be planning her wedding.


So now, I’m back in Ridgecrest with my new car unlocked in front of my house.   Tomorrow it’ll probably have the keys in the engine as usual.


And…  next time I go to LA, I’m taking Rod Sterling with me.


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