Egg Salad-

So I was talking to Cecelia and mentioned I needed to go make egg salad for lunch.  She asked how I  make it and then asked me to take pictures as I did it.  Now, I’m not exactly sure why or if I’m crazy for doing it but I thought, “why not?” and went to town.


Now one thing you  must know is that I don’t really use recipes.  I’m more of a “dump some here and plop some there kind of cook so I’m guesstimating.  I’m no Ree and wouldn’t try to be.  But for Cecelia, I offer you, Egg Salad.


Egg Salad


10 Eggs (or 8 or 12 or even an odd number like 9!)

2 large cooking spoons full of mayo (or three or one…)

1 large eating spoon full of dijon mustard (or a healthy swirl over the eggs)

1 large eating spoon heaped with relish

Salt (to taste)

Pepper (to taste)

Parmasean  Cheese (a bunch… like maybe oh… four or five shakes)

2 TBS  (or a couple of big pinches) of Dill

1/4 Onion (finely chopped.  I love green onion best but rarely have it.  Purple is GOOD.  White works.)

2 full stalks of celery.   Or three.  Or maybe 1… depends on the eggs.

PS… sunflower seeds are good in there too.  I rarely have them.



1.  Peel the eggs.  Put in bowl. 



2.  Squirt the mustard.  You’ll cut it later.  Sorry, couldn’t resist.



3.  Parmesean.  I usually like more but it was clumpy and I didn’t feel like getting a knife and chopping it up.



4.  Add the mayo, relish, dill, salt, and pepper.



5.  Chop the celery and onion.  I didn’t need this picture but I thought it was pretty so I took it.  I get to do that.  Cook’s perogative.



5.  Add celery and onion



6  Mash well with potato masher.


Eat on whole wheat, sourdough, dill, or rye breads.  Also excellent on pitas and wrapped in tortillas.  For low carbers, wrap in a cabbage leaf.  It’s yummified.


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