Influential People

The assignment this week…


Name three people who had a personal (as in person to person) influence in your life and what that influece was.


I chose to leave out my parents because they are obvious choices.  They are the primary influences in my life and I cannot imagine who I would have become without them.


  1. Mrs. Elkins.  My second grade teacher.  This delightful woman introduced me to McGuffey, Narnia, fractions, and the world outside the United States.   Because of her, my love of learning flourished through the third through the fifth grades when my education went through a drought.  Dad did an amazing job keeping me intellectually stimulated and our lessons together are something I never forgot.  However, had the soil not been prepared, the little tending it got during those years could have left me high and dry.  Mrs. Elkins is a tiny lady who fills a very large part of the heart of my memories.
  2. Connie.  She spent much time helping me root the Word in my heart in High School.  I spent every Wednesday with her and her children criss-crossing through the Bible as I learned to search out related scriptures to find a bigger picture.  Later, they housed my in-laws the weekend of our wedding.
  3. DeLynn.  She enouraged me to search the scriptures much as Connie had.    Her influence went beyond a mutual love of the Word, however.  She showed me practical ways of serving my family and the body of Christ.  I cannot count the number of times she showed up to examine a bloody child, brought soup and coke to a house afflicted with a stomach bug, and she once came and retrieved the soiled pants and underwear of a child I was sitting, took them home, scrubbed them out, and washed them so that I wouldn’t have to deal with them while ready to vomit from morning sickness.  She was a kind of a second mother to me.    I miss her. 


People have an amazing ability to make a lasting imprint on our lives… what imprint are we leaving on the lives of others?


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