Lesson of the Day:

Or LD Havig style.


So today I was resting after doing something.  Don’t ask what. I can’t remember.  Anyway, as I was sitting in the famous recliner, I realized that my bookcase by the front door was dangerously messy.  The shelves were a jumbled mess of nothingness, and the top.  We’ll not discuss it.  Suffice it to say, Ic ouldn’t take it.  Another minute was too long.


It took 45 minutes to do a much needed “de-junk” and resort, and remove and put a box of books on that shelf I’ve had here for two months.  In a box.  Next to the bookcase! 


I finally got the bookcase reorganized, straightened out, and fixed.  I sat down and decided to take a picture.  Proof for myself that it did look good.  Even if tomorrow you can’t tell I did anything, I have proof that today I did and it was nice.


Ahem.  Here is the picture.  I rest my case.




I lied.  I’m not resting.  I’m making it again.  Do you see the problem?  You probably don’t.  It’s not super significant.  And if you see a problem, it’s probably not the one I mean.  I mean, I can see hat I need to mop my floor, that I still have cord issues, and so on.  But one thing rankles.


I stood all of the Usborne books that Challice sells on the left of the top shelf.  (I have room for them so I get to house them)  If you’ll notice, laying down on the right of that same shelf is some Spanish book laying down half-cocked. 


Yep.  In the 3.25 minutes from stepping away from the bookcase and taking that picture, Lorna managed to put a book away in the wrong spot.


It drives me crazy.  It’s just training.  She’s 3.  She’s acting 3.  If she was 10 it’d still just be one of those things you have them do over.  However, this is how my day often feels.  Everything that I do seems undone as fast as I do it.  Even when it doesn’t happen that way, it feels like it.


I think it’s just one more step in the refining process that Jesus is doing in my life.  Stripping away my weaknesses (my lack of patience with that which is not perfect) and makng me live with those imperfections every where I turn.


And yes, I can’t wait to get the smocking pleater and the sewing machine cover off that shelf too!  I have other books I need to put there!


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