The Mayhem-wich

Those who are familiar with he Confessions of a Pioneer Woman blog  should be familiar with Marlboro Man’s Sandwich.   She’s kind of famous for it and rightfully so.  It is a huge favorite of all of us here in the barren blistered end of creation and with my geek computer scientist of a husband as well.


No, Kevin doesn’t wear chaps although the ladies at our old church used to oggle his legs at softball games.  Instead of chaps, he dons cycling shorts and rides 20 miles at 20 mph in hundred degree weather, sometimes up a VERY steep hill all in the name of fun.  I think that sounds an awful lot like guys who ride crazed calves for fun or at least it does in a geek-cowboy comparison way.


As for Mayhem, well, that was Kevin’s High School and College nickname.  No, he’s not a total crazed lunatic of a geek.  He’s the typical quiet shy one… but with a name like Havig… and considering the first time I met him I went home and said, “Mom, guess what, there’s a guy at church whose last name is Havoc!!!”, it isn’t surprising that they took a spin off of the mispronunciation to give him as a nickname.  Well, that and guys like to do silly things like call big huge giant of guys “Tiny” and skinny guys “Chubbers.” 


Anyway, we love this sandwich.  It’s good stuff.  Very good stuff.  There is only one tiny flaw in it.  The cubed steak.  You see, cubed steak is expensive.  It’s 4.00 a pound.  We need 5-6 lbs. of meat for our crew.  That’s 24.00 just in meat.  Then there are the three packages of rolls (Two is usually great but if we’re sharing at all, we really need 3.)


So, our family, in an effort to be frugal, would buy 1.77 lb. London Broil, or 1.99 lb chuck steaks and pound them to death for two hours before time to eat.  We’ve all developed biceps in our right arms and nothing in our left (Kind of like that guy in Lady in the Water.  But, considering it cuts the cost in half, we figured it was P.E. and gave the kids credit if they helped, not many thought it was worth it though.  They kept volunteering to ride with daddy on his next bike trek.  Whatever.


Today, I was wanting these.  I stood at the meat counter and drooled over raw beef.  London Broil stared back at me mocking.  I could hear it.  “Neener, neener, neener… You’ll have to beat me… lit-er-all-y.”  Then it turned blood red when it realized what it was saying but a thought occurred to me.  It grew.  It blossomed.  I jumped for joy.  Ok, actually I just put 12 lbs of that stuff in my cart but when you consider my lack of affection for shopping as is evidenced by today’s earlier blog, it’s the same. 


This is the new and revised lazy mom’s way of making the mahvelous sandwich.


Ingredients:  (Which Ree charmingly calls “cast of characters”… maybe because she’s such a character herself.)


Beef.  However much you usually use pound-wise for Ree’s Authentic Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich.


Crockpot:  Put half a stick of butter in the crockpot.  Put the meat on top.  Sprinkle liberally with Lawrey’s Seasoned Salt and Worchestershire Sauce.  Cook on high for like 5 hours.


When meat is done, do what she does… chop the onions etc.. 


I tried using less butter… and only one onion…



But it didn’t work…



So I added more.  (I thought about takign my own step by step thingies… but I changed my mind)



So you take the beef out and shred it.  But upon reflection, next time I’ll do it in the pan.  Add to pan just like she did the raw beef but be prepared… dinner is almost done.. you don’t have to cook it so it’s time to work fast.  Add more and more Worchestershire sauce until it tastes “right” and voila!




OOPS!  Should have shown the big cooked piece to show how it flaked.  Oh well…




Pour that over it too… cause it’s good that way.



My apologies Ree… I know it’s not authentic… but it’s REEal good!   Thank- you for making both my family AND my budget happy… even if by proxy on the budget portion.


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