Mother’s Day- A Child’s Perspective

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Now that Mother’s day is past, look over your Mother’s Days as a child.  Which one stands out most to you and why?

I only remember one Mother’s Day.  That is very sad to me.  I wonder why that is.  Regardless, I remember this one with perfect clarity.  I woke up, already planning what I was going to do for Mother’s Day.  I had a card picked out that I’d buy when I got my allowance, I was going to buy mom a jar of Taster’s Choice coffee (I have no idea why but that’s what I’d planned), and I was going to sing “Happy Mother’s Day” like “Happy Birthday.”


It was set and ready to go.  Only one more week until Mother’s Day.


Mom got up and came out for her morning coffee and cigarette.  I giggled with anticipation.   By night, mom made a joke about no card for Mother’s Day.  I said, “You’ll see…”


The next day the same thing happened.  I planned, mom joked, and so went the rest of the week.


Saturday, allowance in hand, I went into the drug store to buy the card.  The one I wanted was gone.  There were only two there stuck behind birthday cards.  I was so upset.  I remember wondering what was wrong and why they didn’t have more! 


If I remember right, I even forgot to buy the coffee at that point.  I just wanted to get home.  I didn’ think of anything but how that other card was so pretty and I wanted so badly tohave it for mom.  Silly I know.   Looking back, I think the one I got her fits her better.  It was one of those cards with the sheer plastic picture over the cardstock.  Remember those?  It had a cute kitten or rabbit or some such white animal and a daisy.  Mom loves daisies.  I didn’t know that then.


Mom got up Sunday morning and before I could sing she saw her card and laughed.  “Well, it’s a week late but I got my card!”


My jaw dropped.  “A week late?”


“Mother’s Day was last week.”



Two weeks later mom asked me if I’d purchased her Mother’s Day card yet.


Every year since then if I talk to mom any time after Mother’s Day, she asks, “Do you have my card yet?”



Some things you just cannot live down.


Love you mom… and your card should have been there on time. 


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