The East Window~

Doesn’t it sound delightfully stuffy?  Our house is way too small to have “wings” (although one could argue that the back room is large enough and added on in such a way as to be considered the ‘East Wing’) but hey, east window still has a delightful ring to it.


However, as you’ll see, it truly IS stuffy.  Sometime in the past year or so, the girls have covered their windows with an old ratty quilt and  sheet (as seen in the pictures of the North back window).  Ahem.  Once I get past my mortification, I’ll find a less embarrassing explanation than, “they didn’t want to wait around for mom to fix blinds so they ‘made do’.”




So, with that warning of the visions of “white trash” flapping in the breeze, I give you one more new window… the “East Window.”



We have helpers of all sizes… first the BOYS  and now Lorna  (Just for you Lisa dear)



See old ratty quilt?



See older nasty and now broken window?  Say Bye bye!  (Echos of Kaylene’s plaintive wail, “But that window has been there my whole LIFE!” echo through blogosphere)



Sergeant curled his lip at the process.   Wait!



Make that his tongue.  Is it him sticking out his tongue, curling lip, or a nice combination?  (PS, Seargeant doesn’t have mange!  He’s losing his winter coat.  Thought you oughtta know.)



As I said, we work ’em young.  I think she’s pulling out a nail.  If not that, she’s looking for one to pull out before she tosses it in the dumpster.  Good goin’ kid!



For those who do not believe I truly exist.  Proof.  Take a good look, it’s the last you’ll see for a long time.  It’s embarrassin’.



One gorgemous new winder.  Drywall to follow.  Why you ask?



Because we had to rip out the sill to put in the window. 


Oh, and let’s all give Kevin, the boys, and me a standing ovation.


The Boys:  Chiseled like pros.

Kevin:  Chiseled AND put this one in without a single call to the son-in-law.  WHAT A MAN!

Me:  I bought the window and held it there.  I’m heck at holdin’.




One thought on “The East Window~

  1. You, my friend, have beautiful eyebrows. Very noticeable in this photo. Did you know you inspired me??? I got mine done. But… seeing as they are blond… and thin… that’s a first for me, and probably the last. HA HA… I couldn’t tell the difference.

    Love your winder! excuse me… East Window. I love new windows… they are so easy to clean.

    I’m a little bothered by the lack of the YELLOW AND BLACK label. (Pella Windows!) :giggle: My dh needs the work… what were you thinking?? LOL


    really — you will probably like cleaning them so much at first, you’ll NOT be farming that job out to anyone else.

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