Rant: Marketing Strategies

I got a renewal notice today from “Sewing Savvy”.


Yes.  A renewal notice.  I get them from time to time from things like Sew Beautiful and Reader’s Digest.  I pay them and life is easy and free.


Today I got this one from Sewing Savvy.  I’ve never heard of them.  And, for the record, I’ve never subscribed either.  (It should go without saying but you never know if you’ve made your point so I’m making it in another way.  Hope you don’t mind.)


Yep.  This company found out I sew (somehow) and sent me a renewal notice to their magazine hoping I woudn’t notice that I’ve never heard of them. If my  husband was the bill payer in this family, he would likely have seen the title, assumed that I was a subscriber and paid the bill.


Next we’ll be getting “collections” notices from magazines of which we’ve never heard.



I’m most seriously displeased.  (Just call me Lady Catherine)

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