Dream Room Makeover~

This week on HK, we were supposed to blog about what room we’d make over if we could do any room in the house.


I’ve been thinking about that all week.  I mean, I just did my kitchen.  We’re doing the bathroom.  We’re doing the Big and Little Girl’s rooms… and… we’re doing the boy’s room.  That kind of left one room which, in some degrees, was going to be done anyway.


So… I thought about it and realized, WHY NOT!  If we’re doing all the other ones, why not do my room too.  Why not get new bedding, a new bed, redesign the “look” etc?


So, I’m planning one now.  I think I’ll like it.  I haven’t made lots of decisions about it yet but it’s in the process.


I know that I definitely want…

  • Bright and airy
  • To fit the cottage look but not the fussy cluttered cottage.
  • Enough white to keep it bright but not so much to keep it dirty.  (hee hee)
  • White or ecu Roman shades with white sheers knotted at the bottom ala “Molly Gibson
  • Big THICK fluffy comforter with a quilt at the bottom and lots of pillows.


The rest is still in deciding.  I don’t know colors, styles, or even whether or not I’m going for a whitewashed floor and all color walls or a wainscotted wall and warm wooden floors.


Decisions, decisions.


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