Why Blog Anyway?

I frequent two message boards.  One I own; one I moderate.  On one of those boards in the not too distant past, we discussed the purpose of blogs.  The reasons for blogging seemed, as the demon said to Jesus, “legion.”  Thousands.


  • To share our lives with family we don’t see often enough.
  • To journal our lives and what we’ve learned in an enjoyable way.  If someone else is blessed by this, that’s good too.
  • A place to pontificate on issues that are important to us


And so forth.


I’ve thought a lot about it.  Why do I blog?  When I opened this blog originally it was done for me.  My friend Dawn set me up with one over at homeschool blogger.  She made a witty comment about how I do so much without a kitchen or whatever.   Frankly, I think she did it so I’d quit spouting off in the controversial forum on the board.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


I blogged originally because a dear friend set me up with one.  Then I blogged when I really wanted to get something off my chest without having to defend my position instantly with a couple hundred women.  Then I blogged to share my heart.  Then I started a blog with pictures of my kids an things for my parents.


Then I got sick.  I started a blog for my crafts to show me what I DID accomplish while sitting in a chair for four months.  It was a nice way to see that I didn’t JUST sit around on my kiester!


Then we started remodeling… I’ve been sharing pictures of that on the blog to save my message boards from bombardments of pictures.  I thought it’d be a way that those who care can see what is happening without blasting those who dont’ care.


And shariing my life reminds me, when I go back, that days that seemed like such a waste, really weren’t.


Blogging isn’t for everyone.  Those who see it as a means of “bragging” or “being busybodies” going “house to house” via the wide world web… probably shouldn’t.  For the rest of us, it’s a nice way to get to know neighbors that we’d otherwise never meet.

2 thoughts on “Why Blog Anyway?

  1. Well, I for one am very thankful you Blog. I like to read Blogs which inspire me to be a better wife, Mama, and keeper of the home. Yours has many times provoked me to “good works”.

    Renee Ellen

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