Goin’ on a Trip?

This week’s blog question…


The phone rings and you are informed that you have won an all expense paid trip for one week.  Where are you going?  What will you do there?  Who, if anyone, are you taking with you?  Is there anything special you are bringing? 

Ok, I’ve thought about this all afternoon.  My first reaction was that Lisa goofbuddy and I would hop a plane and take a tour of the Lake District in England.  It seemed like a lovely idea and is something I’ve considered a dozen times.  Or maybe a hundred.


However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this was a trip I will probably make happen one way or another but there were other places I’d rather have “paid” for me.


It was a toss up between China and India but India won.  I’ve had a fascination with India ever since I wrote a book about a man who immigrated to the US with his parents from India when he was eight. 


Now, here is my shameful confession.  In the movie “Bride and Prejudice”  (An absolutely hysterical movie if you watch it late at night), the main character (portraying Elizabeth Bennett) accuses Mr. Darcy of not wanting to see the “real” India but rather a sanitized version to have a flavor of India without seeing the reality of it.  I confess that this is mostly what I want.


I know it isn’t politically correct to be staunchly American in both patriotic pride and in blindness to the differences in the world but I am afraid that not only am I, but I like it that way.  *blush*  I want to see the beauty of India.  I want to see as much of the reality as my heart can take but I confess, I do not want to be thrust into the abject poverty of India.  Does that make me despicable?  Perhaps it does, but I’m honest.


I want to go to one of the southern provinces where Tamil is spoken and hear it.  I want to learn a few words and interact with whatever people will put up with my Americanisms.  I want to see the history and the culture and even try the food (and I don’t enjoy spicy-read hot- foods) all while carrying my bottled water, riding in my air conditioned whatever, and sleeping in a clean and comfortable room.  It’ll be hard enough to realize tht a family could live for months on what I’m spending each night for a comfortable bed.


I want to purchase beautiful batiks, saris, and enamel jewelry.  I want to see the church plants that Doug Tackett’s “Crossover Ministries” has made.


I just don’t know how I can possibly do it in one week.


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