Totally Floored~

But not kicking the habit yet.


The guys finished the floor.  David is, of course, in the hero ranks but then he has been for ages.  The toe kick thing that transitions rooms is not officially installed yet.  David is going to work some of his woodworking magic on it to make it perfecto.  So we have a temporary thing up there, and it’s taped down for extra security… and covered so it doesn’t get marred when we bring in the FRIDGE tomorrow.


Speaking of fridge.  Will everyone pray that this wind does not destroy my fridge?  You see, the wind is ROCKING my fridge.  It’s rocking.  I don’t want it to um… “rock out” so to speak.  It can just stay in place on the pallet like a good little fridge.


Wanna see the final floor pictures?



Just a couple of rows to go.  It’s so exciting!



It’s looking a little messy in there but hey, a man needs his stuff to work!



See how critically Kevin watches David’s measuring.  Six eyes are better than two you know.



Last two small pieces.  Here and the corner north of here.  *collapses in sheer extacy.



Lorna helps remove boxes.  Until she gets stuck just outside the door.  David comes to the rescue.  She says, “I don’t want to go outside.”  Fickle I tell ya.  Fickle.



My kitchen floor.  Ain’t it gorgemous?  All almost 12×12 of it.


Nolan is thinking about bringing in the cabinets.


Getting goosebumps.


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