No Kitchen, One Bathroom, Ten People…

No waiting?


People often comment on how impossible it must be to have ten people in one small house with one tiny bathroom (Sq ft sans tub is 35 sq ft).  I never understand the problem.  Have you timed how much time it takes each person to utilize the facilities?  To take a shower?  To wash their hands and brush their teeth?  The average person is awake sixteen hours per day.  My bathroom is only occupied for a quarter of that collectively. 


Since we’ve had no kitchen sink, the only water source in our house has been the bathroom.  Even then, there’s only been a person or two waiting a couple of times a day and even then… it’s a minute or two. 


If I ever wondered if I was being ridiculous about not making a second bathroom a priority, this has squelched that wonder.  I will henceforth save my curious musings for why I always get excited about a project just about the time I realize I can’t DO it.


Two bathrooms aren’t a sin, but neither are they a necessity.  Even with ten people.  Even when seven are females.  Even when four of them are cycling at the same time.


 Then again, I lived without electricity or running water in high school.  In an 18 ft travel trailer.  In the middle of the desert.  Took freezing navy showers in winter and summer was… um… hot.


One bathroom with running water (all I want) is a LUXURY!

1 thought on “No Kitchen, One Bathroom, Ten People…

  1. I’ll tell you what.. the more you have the more you have to clean.

    I’ve got 3. One in the basement is off limits… only because I don’t want to clean it. LOL It’s usuable… sometimes my dh gets sick of looking and it and will clean it. (Some people ignore me and use it anyway… I think it’s dh.)

    Then when we have company (my parents mostly) I say we can only use the ONE and the other is the “guest bathroom” because — once again.. I don’t want to deep clean a guest bathroom every day, which I would be doing if my kiddos and guests were using it at the same time.

    You really are brilliant my friend… you know that don’t you? Don’t build another one… just more to clean. I promise you. °Ü°

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