It’s A-FLOOR-able…

So, while we removed all the old laminate, we didn’t touch the commercial tile that was under it.  Primarily because we didn’t want to if we didn’t have to.  We were pretty sure we had to.  Like 97% sure.  However, because that 3% exists, we held out.

As you can see, we had to remove it.  It was damp under there SOMEHOW and was nastified.  Ew.  Ick.  MOLD.  Notice the lack masks?  I had one on.  With loverly nebulizer stuff flowing through it.  Ahh…  Had it been safe, I would have nebbed ALL DAY while they did that stuff.  It was awfulcated.




Ethan loves demolition.  He has a real talent for it.   Anyone need a floor destroyed?  Just ask and he’ll be there lickety split. 



Now, over the original linoleum that was in this house when we moved here, they placed five sheets of brand spankin’ new plywood.  (Note:  Home Depot only charged us for four.  Will someone remind me to run over there today and pay for the fifth?  Thank you.  I got sidetracked yesterday and if I wait any longer I’ll NEVER remember.  Then someone will remind me 22.3 years from now and the guilt will eat away at me like cancer.  Then I’ll get cancer.  I’d like to avoid that.)



Ain’t it prettified?   (That’s PRETTY-fied, not petrified.  Thought you ought to know.)



Interesting picture.  Screws in one hand, dill in the other, intended for the floor but he’s looking at the outlet?  I do NOT want to know.  Boys (and men can be just “big boys” sometimes) have strange ideas sometimes as to what is “fun”.



The Drill Team.  And they say homeschool families miss out on all the fun.  You know, no band, no year book, no drill team…



She thinks this is the final floor.  Oh the innocence of childhood.  Don’t those men dream…



Rows of gorgemous flooring.  They’re begging to be freed.  The screetches of “Rescue me” scream through the room.   Isn’t there an old country song about “Walkin’ the floor over you”?



I thought this picture was funny for some reason.  I ave a strange sense of humor.  What can I say?  Blame my mom. Or is it Dad?  Hmmmmm which is funnier, “undercover agents” or “Transparent bandini?”




Isn’t it GORGEOUS!!!!  *does happy dance*



See him vacuuming up the miniscule amounts of sawdust?  You see, every board gets three or four tiny holes drilled into it producing a tiny mound of dust that is probably the size of a VW Bug to an ant.  (For illustration and comparison purposes.).  They diligently vacuum up every single one of those “mounds” after each nail is hand hammered and set.  This is ONE meticulously installed floor.


I’ll have more pictures later.  David planned to be here at 9 a.m. this morning but he had a prior engagement that he’d forgotten about.   I guess funerals do take precedence over new floors.  I suppose.

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