There’s No Floor Like No Floor, Like No Floor I Know!

Last night, after we criminalized our home, the kids had a blast ripping up the laminate in the kitchen. 









Some spots look really icktified and others just look somewhat icktified but still definitely icktified.  Therefore, I cannot see how David is going to look at this and say anything but, “It’s gotta come up.”  However, one can always hope.  It’s that eternal spring of some kind or another.


4 thoughts on “There’s No Floor Like No Floor, Like No Floor I Know!

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  2. Hey — we’ve got those floors in our kitchen. How old are yours? Why are you replacing them? Did they hold up well? You know — my husband installed them in the kitchen in spite of what our “carpet guy” friend said. He doesn’t like to put the laminate in kitchens or bathrooms.

    So — do tell… why’d ya rip it up? (Beside the fact that it as body outlines on it) =)

  3. Those floors are 7 years old. They’re also worn through the laminate to a white undersurface in spots.

    I’ve read a lot about it and I decided not to do laminate again.

    1. I wasn’t willing to replace it every 7 years.

    2. It was way too damaged to save.

    3. It wasn’t very durable.

    However, remember. This is the desert. The sand is harder on things than the Iowa dirt.

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