Taking Risks~

This week’s HK Blog topic is-  “What is the biggest risk you could take right now.”


Risks aren’t something that bother me.  I enjoy taking risks actually but on the other hand, I like maintaining status quo as well.  I’m fairly adaptable. 


However, I’d say that the biggest risk I’d take is submitting my writing to an agent with my writing style as it is.  It’s difficult to know what to do.  I write differently than some people- giving the reader insights into the thoughts of almost all of the main characters rather than sticking to just one or two. 

I’ve been trying to rewrite with careful attention to the point of view and I’m finding that I don’t enjoy reading the results as well. 


So, I’d say the biggest risk I could take is to just submit things as they are once I’m satisfied with general editing.   I have a dozen books that are only an editing away from ready for submission.  I really need to do it!

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