Drywall is complete…

We start the assembly of cabinets tomorrow!  YIPPEE!


Drilling the screws for the window sills in place.



Counter sunk for me to fill nicely.


Check out that form.  He’s got this drilling thing down to a science.


Andra, Lorna, and Ethan created modern art on our floors.


Apparently Ethan has learned how to do the last name first thing.  Smart little Dapper Dude.


Andra also knows how to make a D look like a g.  Not everyone has that talent.


My beautiful white wall.


I could weep.  Truly I could.  See that pristine beauty?  It reminds me of White o’Morn from the Quiet Man.  Don’t ask why.  I don’t know.  But I can almost hear Maureen O’Hara singing… “Oh Innesfree..”

1 thought on “Drywall is complete…

  1. YOU have the most beautiful spirit about a kitchen remodel!!! I seem to remember threatening God with calling the pray chain if things didn’t shape up and quick… I think that was 4 o’clock in the morning. Then the sun came up — things always look better in the morning.

    I love my new kitchen now… and it sure wasn’t a terribly long time, now that I think about it… but I wasn’t nearly as gracious as you are during MY kitchen remodel.

    THANKS for letting share in the fun… it’s going to be beautiful… I can just tell. °Ü°

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