The number of items purchased that are necessary to assemble our cabinets.  This does not include hardware or extras.  In other words, nothing from those huge blue bags.


So far, I have found 1 extra piece, and 3 missing pieces. 

1 missing piece.  16 dollar cabinet shell.

2 missing pieces   A 16 dollar cabinet shell and a 5 dollar set of hinges.

In their defense, it appears that they didn’t order one of the cabinets I needed so I am not actually missing a piece as much as I got the wrong one.

 Ok, so one piece didn’t arrive as ordered and then one cabinet (and the 4 pieces that come with it of course) was not ordered. 


Ok, so two pieces didn’t arrive as ordered and then one cabinet (and the 4 pieces that come with it of course) was not ordered. 

So far.



I have a feeling we have an extra set of legs or something.  I haven’t counted them yet.

 All legs present and accounted for.

Can you say “Burbank Burbank, here I come.  Right back where we started from-“


I just called IKEA.  I ordered the shell and the whole cabinet unit delivered by UPS Monday, April 14.  I paid 20 dollars to ship it all and 16 to replace that shell.  We couldn’t pay for gas to go 360 miles there and back on 36 dollars.  It was worth paying for a missing piece that way.  Now if we’d had to go IN to the store, I would have insisted on them giving us what we paid for.  I really didn’t think I could do that over the phone though.  Seemed kind of tacky.

 Update:  IKEA kindly added the other hinges to my order so I didn’t have to pay shipping twice.  I like that.

“Hello, this is someone, and I’m claiming I ordered 3500 dollars worth of kitchen and didn’t get this sixteen dollar piece.  I want you to ship it to me and well, if I actually BROKE it or ruined it while trying to assemble and am just making this up to get a free replacement, that’s your problem.” 


I don’t think so. 


I have to say, I am incredibly impressed with IKEA’s service, their efficiency, and thusfar, their products.


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