Moving Everything Including the Kitchen Window and Sink!

Well, Kevin got up bright and early this morning and took out the nasty tiny obnoxious old window while waiting for David’s arrival.   David is our hero.  Have we mentioned that?  He is.  Thought you oughtta know.

This is what David found when he arrived.

See… very light and airy but not exactly centered over the sink.

To humor me, David held up the new window where it is supposed to go.  Notice that it is SIX inches higher and SIX inches wider, and is set lower into the wall by about SIX INCHES.  I am so happy!

Euphemia supervises from her Johnny Jump-Up.   She’s very excited.  Trust me.

This is Sergeant’s opinion of the whole thing.  Usually I agree with him on thoughts of this nature but not today.  I think the whole project is inspiringly illuminating. 

Sergeant shouldn’t stick his tongue out.  It is a bad example for Lorna.

Kevin removes old siding.   Think if I call that 800 number I can find the idiots who didn’t install it correctly 18 years ago?  I didn’t think so either.

David has cut away the drywall (isn’t it neat and tidy?  I intend to rip it all off very soon but it was thoughtful of him anyway) and they realize that they can’t work well with the sink there.  I could have told them that.  They didn’t ask for a supervisor’s opinion so I kept it to myself and isn’t it great?  They came to the same conclusion without my input.  Amazing.

Kevin is a hard workin’ dude when given half a chance.  He appreciates that I rarely give him half a chance.

Isn’t it beautiful?  Forget the diamonds, I could care less about the flowers, cut back on the chocolate if it means I get a WINDOW!!!

David has cut away the stucco and lookie there!  It’s huge.  Part of me wished that I’d decided against the extra cabinets on that wall.  I got over it.

He’s contemplating world peace.  Or is that whirlled peas?

Now there is a studley guy wouldn’t you say?  He’s 3x more studley than any other guy around.  Count those studs.  One.  Two.  Three.  See, toldja.

The extraneous board is removed.  It’s time to put up a…. WINDOW!!!!!  *do happy dance here*

What’s taking so long?  Put it in already!!!  Oh, and see that blue line next to the window by the ladder?  That’s the gas line.  Don’t hit that or saw through it, ok?

Ahhh… now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Isn’t it beautiful!  Isn’t it just BEAUTIFUL?

The temporary wall.  Once we do siding that piece of plywood will be food for David’s fire and we’ll have SIDING up there.  For now, we’re decorating in early reconstruction.  I pray my Southern friends will forgive me.

5 thoughts on “Moving Everything Including the Kitchen Window and Sink!

  1. I hate remodeling, but I like it when it’s done. We’re fixing to do our kitchen this summer. And start painting the house. At least we don’t have a dog that will stick his tongue out at us………..

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