I’ve lived in a small house for 20 years.  Actually, if you consider the houses I lived in as a child, I’d say a good 30 out of 37 years minimum but I was thinking of this house.

I love my house.  I’ve wanted very little but to grow old (er) and die in this house.  I plan to do that very thing.  There are little things I want to change, but I don’t consider that discontent unless I am miserable without those changes.

However, I must say, this remodeling is causing scratches in my contentment.  I can sand them out and polish my contentment up enough for now but I can’t do it forever!  Eventually the scratches will be gouges.  I need to change my perspective.

I’ve discovered that I am very impatient.  Very.  Impatient.  This impatience is like a needle dragging across a fine piece of furniture.  Bound to destroy.

I need to change my attitude and deal with my impatience.  Delays are inevitable.  I need to accept it before my irritations affect my attitude. 

Godliness with contentment is great gain.  Paul wasn’t lying.  I need that gain so I WILL hold onto my contentment.



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