Kitchen Colors & All That Jazz…

Ok, so this weekend we can paint a wall.  (and should to protect said drywall) This means I must choose a color.

My living room is Kilz “Bellissima”.  It’s a lovely straw/butter color that is clearly yellow but not obnoxiously so.  I love it.  I want to continue to love it.   For the curious, here it is

I had been assuming I’d probably continue with another yellow.  Something a little brighter and bolder but nothing wild.   Now I’m not so sure.  I am becoming afraid that I will get thoroughly sick of yellow.  This would not be good.  Not good at all.

My other color options are…

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • White

I don’t want white.  After all, the cabinets will be white.  That’s just really a LOT of white.  No thank you.

So, here is my curtain *cough*  fabric.  *Sputter*  (I can never just use normal stuff can I? Oy)

That blue?  Not happening.  I don’t want that blue.  I could go for a more medium-pale blue I suppose.  I don’t think I want to.

This leaves greens (almost impossible to find some that I like but I don’t think I’ve exhaused the green options) and reds.

I’m kind of afraid of red. What if I hate it?  I don’t want to paint for hours and then paint hours again to get rid of the first set of hours hard work.  Seems like an exercise in futility.

So, your vote?  Do I want…

  • Yellow?  (Even though I already have it and have a feeling I might be thoroughly sick of it in a few months)
  • Blue?  (A medium-pale variety.  Definitely a “safe” option.  Would it look good from the yellow living room?)
  • Green?  (My favorite color and yet the only one I haven’t found a shade that I like for this room.)
  • Red?  (A bold warm option that has plan appeal but is a disaster unless it’s perfect!)

Please vote here.  And tell me why!

I have decided I have to scrap my fabric.  As much as I LOVE THAT FABRIC… I won’t love anything I put with it which means I’ll hate the room.  Not what I want in my brand new kitchen.
So, if you know of any Kitcheny fabrics that work with cobalt accessories, in a 1940’s/1950’s feel, please post what it is and where I can find it.

I’m off to mourn.

P.S.  The funny thing is that the colors are obviously not showing up right on some monitors.  That is a RED.  Not an orangy color at all.  The blue is BLUE.  The Green is GREEN (with a pale version alongside) and a primary yellow.  The colors are very vibrant.


9 thoughts on “Kitchen Colors & All That Jazz…

  1. I vote for Green. I think the other colors are way too bold, but with the greens in the fabric you could go for a green that is toned down a bit and more in the same range as the yellow of your other room. It is worth the effort to shop around until you find a good one. Take the fabric to a color matching place and see what they can come up with.

  2. In the kitchen you want things in the red, orange or yellow family. Those colors stimulate appetite. The cool colors repress it and reflect nastily on your food (even if it’s subtle), and you’ll find that your cooking doesn’t taste as good; you’ll need more salt than usual, and more spice, etc., when all that’s really changed is the color of the walls.

    So I’ve heard, anyhow.

    Anyway, for me that narrows it down to red, orange, yellow, white and neutral colors like beige and gray. I say a muted cantaloupe shade; the color you would get if that bellissma chip was orange instead of yellow, and then kissed with a touch of brown. (To find what I’m talking about on a color wheel, you’d start at bellissma and swing right on the exact plane to orange, and then drop down to a slightly deeper shade. Clear? Maybe?)

    My other choice is an unmellow yellow, the same color as the flowers. Red would be crazy, unless it was in tiny sections.

  3. I would continue to search for a good green color………….if you do red and you’re sorry, that would really sting.
    Green is your favorite color, how could you go wrong?
    keep looking.
    and hurry.
    take the table cloth along with you when you look for anything for your kitchen…………Sara and I watched HGTV at the hospital and they (lots of them) said to find something you like and then work around it…… you are on the right track it seems!

  4. OK — I vote yellow.

    Get the strip your original yellow came off of and paint the kitchen a lighter or darker shade of yellow.

    I did that with my entire house — (only not yellow) — it makes the house flow. Bigger rooms I painted a bit darker.

    Bathrooms, bedrooms, hallway, kitchen, dining, and living room… all the same color — just lighter or darker. THAT way you can move your decorations around too. (from room to room) if you want.

    Just my $.02.

    In my last house — I painted the rooms all different colors — just to satisfy my fancy… and it ended up looking hodge podge. I like the flowy look much better.

    This is not my idea originally — I copied a friend. But she’s got good taste. Ü

    Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  5. I vote for new curtain fabric! 🙂 I could not live with those multiple bright stark contrasting colors! Okay, if you insist on that fabric, I’d use white on the walls or a very light yellow. Do NOT use a light blue, it will not “go” at all. I like green but it’s such a minor color in the fabric that I don’t think there’s enough to tie it green walls. It will just look like you added another color to an already very busy mix. And the orange/red is out of the question. GASP!

  6. I would often say red for a kitchen. But, the red in that fabric is not a good “kitchen” red (IMO). And usually, I would say red with white cabinets would be striking. And the with the fabric you chose, “striking” would be good. But I just can’t imagine that you will end up liking that red. I would say light yellow as well. However, I’m afraid that the light yellow may end up looking almost “cream” or “off-white” and am not sure how that would look with your white cabinets. The other option is going with a darker and brighter yellow that matches your LR paint., but is fairly close to the yellow in the fabric. It would be sunny and bright.

    Blue and yellow look GREAT together (especially light blue), but I wouldn’t do a light blue with that fabric. That fabric is screaming for BOLD colors.

  7. We have an IKEA kitchen, with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and hardwood floors. Our kitchen is painted a pale ‘Martha Stewart’ green and it looks great against the stainless steel, the granite counters and the hardwood floors. However, our cabinets are a dark, reddish kind of wood, not white, so that might make a different in your kitchen.

    I held my laptop up to the wall in my kitchen (lol), to see if the curtains would match, and the colors were nice, although the style was not right for my kitchen. I think my kitchen is too modern, and the curtain material is too retro.

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