Creative Investment Protection

So when you spend 1500 dollars on a fridge and they deliver it on a pallet to your driveway, it means trouble if the weatherman threatens precipitation.

Now living in the desert means that this wet stuff from the sky rarely happens but Murphy has ensured that if it WILL rain here in the desert, it will only do it if there is something outside that shouldn’t get wet.  ie. my fridge.

The solution started with a 12×24′ tarp, some bungees and suchlike.  With our wind, however (because in the desert, wind is a good 30mph when it’s mild) we wondered about how long it’d stay down.  So, when all else fails, what do we do?  We…

“Shout hallelujah come on get…”


So…..  voila`!  A protected fridge!

Ahh…. ingenuity?  Well, it sounds better than desperation doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Creative Investment Protection

  1. Ingenious! Great idea!

    Let us know once you’ve got this fridge installed and functioning. It is the exact same one we’ve been thinking of buying. I think. Our house won’t be completed for several months. So we won’t be purchasing it just yet. I’d love to hear how the fridge/freezer works out for you.

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