Making a “To Do” of Things~

So I started a “to do” list in my  head.  I was going to write it down but it got so complicated in my head that I wasn’t sure I could. 

Have you ever had to write a “to do” list for your “to do” list?  Here’s how it looked

Prep Kitchen for Window/Sink-

 1.  Move Microwave to boy’s room.

Hmm  Well, I guess (1.) should be to make room in boy’s room for microwave.  But before that, we need to do a general pick up in there.  And if we’re going to move that bookcase over, I guess we should…

Do you get the picture?  It was like that for every single thing.  I quit thinking to save my sanity.  Don’t say it.  I know what you’re thinking and that’s just not nice.  Humph.

So now what do I do?  Do I write out a “to do” list like an outline?

Kitchen Prep for Window/Sink- 

  • Move Microwave into boy’s room
  1. Make space for cabinet

A.  Clean room.

B.  Move bookshelf

  • Alphabetize authors on shelf…

My eyes are crossing.   Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that my driveway, living room, bedroom, boy’s room, and who knows what all are going to be a kitchen overflow mess?

Why does the fetal position suddenly sound essential for life and happiness?

Goodnight  *bemoans the cleft palate that prohibited the very soothing thumb sucking action*

Ew.  Thumbs taste nasty after you put lotion on your hands!

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