The First Remodelling Disaster

It had to happen.  This couldn’t go off easily.  Something had to go wrong at some juncture or another.  I just wish it wasn’t my brand new, not yet out of the box, refrigerator. 

My beautiful French door, bottom drawer freezer styled refrigerator.

It is now sporting a splash of paint.

You read that right.


Let us observe a moment of silence for my pristine and lovely-



I think I should name her Aunt Murphy.  You know, as in the “law”.  If anything can go wrong it will?  That law? 

So I took a picture.  I felt obligated to show it all.  As Ree says on her blog, “Gotta keep it real.”

Oh, and Kevin says we can’t get it off.  It’ll destroy the surface of the Fridge!  *wails*

Ok… take a deep breath. 

This is not for the squeamish. 

I kid you  not.


You sure.

Here, have some Kleenex.

Weep with me my friends.

Isn’t it tragic?

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