Oh It’s Nothing but a Trifle!

Seriously.  It isn’t!

See.  Toldja!

It’s the easiest thing in the world and is SO GOOD.

  • Bake a white cake
  • Mix a large box of vanilla pudding
  • Wash and drain 6 packages of your favorite berry.  (We used blackberries)

Then it’s just a matter of slicing cake layers, swiping with pudding layer, positioning berries.  Sprinking with a smidge of sugar.  And then……….

WAIT!  Let it all soak together in excellent yumminess.

fills one trifle dish or two straight sided glass dishes (like I used)

Gotta get me a regular trifle dish when my kitchen’s done.

After Scotch Broth, we’re having TRIFLE!


3 thoughts on “Oh It’s Nothing but a Trifle!

  1. Oh my stars… that looks heavenly.

    I wonder.. is that a grain? Fruit and grain?? probably goes over my daily allowance of discretionary calories. ::SNORT:: Oh my… that wasn’t very lady like!

    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. Ü

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