Happiness Depicted Photographically~

I won’t show the before.  I have pride.  I do.  Contrary to the constant evidence to the contrary, I do have it and in heaping quantities at times.  This is one of those times. 

I will however, give you a list of everything I can remember that we had out there waiting for the dump run…

  • dishwasher
  • 9 doors
  • several demolished cabinets
  • 1 (60″x 30″x 30″) container FULL of newspapers
  • 3 overflowing trash cans
  • Expired Christmas Tree

There was more.  I can’t remember it all but it PACKED my 15 passenger van SANS seats.  This is what is left.

It’s so nice.  There is NOTHING in front of that driveway now but the 3 trash cans under that window.   Just like it should be.  Kevin DRAGGED that fridge across the concrete driveway to WAY back by that door.

Isn’t the house hideous?  That lovely cream vinyl ripped off by the wind thanks to TERRIBLE installation proceedures.  (and EXPENSIVE)   How is that adorable pea soup green stucco?  Say BYE BYE… it’s going going gone!  It’ll be a lovely white.. with black or dark grey trim… and a RED screen door!!!


Welcome!  come on in…. well, for now, it’s still a mess but it WON’T be soon enough!


One thought on “Happiness Depicted Photographically~

  1. Ohh.. you want a red door? I’m going to have a yellow door. Dark green siding with white trim, and a yellow door. It will match the old pump out front, and the old metal chairs. NEATO! I think I like your taste…

    I can’t wait to see the photo of that door. Ü

    Oh how cool is this! Mom has a YELLOW house (siding) with a darkish but BRIGHT as well GREEN DOOR! I can’t go into her house without humming… “Green door… what’s that secret you’re keeping…. Well there’s an old piano and they play it hot behind the green door…”

    I wanted a red DOOR for the house but dont’ want a red door insid when the door is open so this is my compromise!


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