Remodeling a Heart~

A house is “bones” with sheetrock (drywall), paint, trim, furniture, and flooring.  After years of hard use (ours for example is sixty years old and has been, as they say, “well loved.”  After time, you have to repaint, replace, and redesign.

But underneath, it’s all the same house.  It may look totally different after the changes, but the house is the same.  If it was filthy, it can shine like the top of the Chrysler building.  You can hide the original design under new covering but it’s still the same house.

Our hearts are a bit like that don’t you think?  We can scrub them up, we can give them new paint, change the style, but he heart is the same.  Underneath it all, the heart is exactly the same heart.  We can’t change our hearts.  We can hide the truth in them but we can’t change them.  However, David the Psalmist said to “Create in me a clean heart oh God”

Create.  God takes and recreates our hearts.  We may decorate them as we please (assuming that we don’t sully them with filth or vulgarity) but we can’t create them.  We can use all the Kilz in the nation but we can’t cover up the ugliness that is rooted deep within them.  Our Lord, however, with a soft whisper can wipe it truly clean and recreate it.

I guess it’s like the difference between what Kevin and I are doing in my house and what they do in Extreme Home Makeover.  We’re changing everything… they wipe the slate, level it clear, and start with a whole new foundation.  Our foundation isn’t changing.  Our bones are still in the same places.  EHM is unrecognizable.

Isn’t that what a heart crafted by the Lord should be?  Completely unrecognizable? 

Sometimes I wonder if I don’t decorate my new heart to look a lot like the old familiar one.  Talk about sullying the new creation!


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