White Tie Dinner~

Otherwise known as, “The Desperate Housewife’s Meal Salvation.”  Desperate as in, otherwise we don’t eat, not as in Hollywood’s vile version.  Thought you ought to know.

Cooked chicken chests.  Say… 2?

Bag of bow tie noodles.

Bag of stir fry veggies

Stick o’ butter

Onion Powder

Garlic Powder

Lawrey’s Seasoned Salt

Rice Wine Vinegar (or something like that)

Sesame Oil

Chicken broth (from can, bullion, base…. you name it)

 Half & Half if you have it.  Totally not necessary as is half the stuff up there.

Boil water and cook noodles like you’re supposed to.  This isn’t rocket science.

Chop chicken if you haven’t yet.

Melt butter in frying pan

Stir in chicken, broth, half and half, stirfry veggies… oh phooey, just stick it all in there.  Shake the onion and garlic powders to taste.  If it’s not a “Throw it together” dinner, use fresh.  It’s better but the other stuff works.

Cook until veggies are how you like them or the noodles are done or both.

Drain noodles, top with veggie/chicken mixture, and serve.

YUM.  Particularly yummy with croissant rolls.  Thought you oughtta know.

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