Step one in redecorating-

I’m going for the dark room effect.  How do you like it?

Ok, so maybe I just prepped the beams for painting.  Well, half of them.  Off to do the other half.  Oh joy.  Kilz, here I come!


One thought on “Step one in redecorating-

  1. WOW. The pictures make me tired just looking at them. You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you lady, but it will be worth every aching muscle, every minute used and every penny spent. You are gonna LOVE your new kitchen. I’m going to take the liberty to mix up my scriptures here (the thing I despise the most) to say this to you – Do not become weary in doing good ….. for this too shall pass ….. in due time you shall reap your reward. (hope the Lord will forgive my jot and tittle alterations to His Word)
    Basically, keep up the good work, it will be worth every minute… I AM SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU.

    And if I hate it I can come cry on your shoulder? OR maybe I’ll just come sit in your kitchen instead? Nah, couldn’t hate it if i tried. Love this house, gotta love this kitchen!


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