Chicken Salad

2- boneless skinless chicken chests.  (Cooked)

2- Stalks celery finely chopped

2- mondo scoops of mayo

2- good dollops of mustard

1/4- onion finely chopped.

1/2- tsp of salt  (in other words, shake a bunch out until you like how it tastes)

1/4- tsp of pepper (in other words, pepper to taste)

Dill-  sprinkle dill weed around it until it’s pretty.  It’ll taste good then.


Spread sourdough bread (or whole wheat or a tortilla or an onion bagel or….) with whipped cream cheese.  Spoon a lump of salad on the bread (bagel/tortilla) and spread.  Cover with other slice, cut in half (cause it tastes better that way, trust me) and ENJOY!

Tastes best with an ice cold coke.  Thought you oughtta know.

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