Jane Wyman: On the Internet

You didn’t know Jane Wyman had deep and profound thoughts about the internet and its effect on our lives did you?  Well that’s ok, she didn’t know it either.  It all started with a really fun old black and white movie.

Three Guys Named Mike (complete with Howard Keel and Van Johnson!  Swoon)

The movie opens and Marci (Jane Wyman) is packing to go interview with American Airlines as a stewardess.  Her father comes upstairs and gives her some fatherly advice.  Namely, “don’t try to take over the company on the first day.  Just say, ‘Yes sir’ and ‘No sir’.” 

So, during her interview, the man hiring her is trying to draw a very quiet Marci (clearly not her normal behavior) out of her shell and finally says that she’s not suited for the job.  He informs her that they are looking for girls who love to meet people and make them comfortable.  Marci jumps at this and becomes her bubbling vivacious self almost instantly.  We’re talking night and day here. 

Yes, I’m getting to the part about the internet.  Trust me.  Have a little faith.    So anyway, after coming up with a new slogan for the company, (“Your home in the air”) she says, “Now with air travel, people all over the world are becoming neighbors.”

Let’s rephrase that in today’s technological advanced vernacular.  “With the internet, people all over the world are becoming neighbors.”

And it’s true.  Strangers flew and drove thousands of miles to be at my daughter’s wedding.  Because I met them on the internet.  We’ve grieved over the death of parents, siblings, spouses, and children.  We’ve collected money to help the financially afflicted and to bless those who work so hard to bless others.  We’ve cheered over new jobs and prayed when there was no job.  We’re much more inter-connected than we ever could have been before.  Phone lines are marvelous things but you have to know who to call!  How do you meet a stranger in Dubuque Iowa without going there personally?  How do you meet a missionary to Congo unless you’re one of their supporting churches or fly there personally?

I thank God daily for the blessing of the internet.  My neighborhood just became limitless.


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