An Omelet

Comfort food if there ever was any.  It was lunch time and I was hungry.  Our non-stick pan sticks.  So, I went nd bought a new one.  Just omelet sized.  Silverstone.  Aaaahhh

I whipped me 3 eggs.  (Lorna wanted some too).  Added a dab of half and half.  (It fluffs nicer with half and half).  I put a dab of oil in the pan and wiped it around.  Poured the eggs in…  They started their fluffing.  You know what I mean.  That mini-souffle look that they get as they cook. 

I added salt.  Pepper.  Dill.  My mouth watered.   I added cheese.

I added tomato chunks and crumbled bacon. 

It cooked.  I flipped it over.  It cooked.

Perfect fluffiness.  mmmmmmm

Maybe a little more dill next time.

Onions too.

3 thoughts on “An Omelet

  1. Now I know what I am going to have for supper – minus the dill! Thanks for sharing the craving. Rex

    Oh Sir Rex! Try just a pinch of dill weed in there. It’s SO GOOD.


  2. Yummo. Next time I stay with you, let’s have that for breakfast. 🙂

    I’m warming up the pan! Come on over. Ethan is pulling out the puzzles! 🙂


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