It’s almost a done deal.  We’re supposed to close on our refinance this Saturday.  I’m amazed, frankly, that we haven’t backed out yet.  We were so close to paying off this blasted house and now we’re doubling the time left to pay it off.

However, I must confess, we needed to do this.  We need to protect our investment in this house.  The siding is unsafe.  The stucco is damaged from the improper installation of the siding.   We can see a marked difference in how this house feels with the new windows so we must replace the remaining five windows.  And, we shouldn’t replace those windows and the siding without replacing the other two outside doors.  (do you see how it snowballs?)

So, once that was decided (and ten thousand dollars later) we had to come up with whether or not to do the kitchen!  You know how it goes… it snowballs.  And rolls.  And then there is a financial avalanche!  So we decided that we do need to do the kitchen.  (We have no cabinets and no countertops.  Literally.  Ok, I lied.  We have a sink base cabinet with a sink and about 2 feet of countertop on one side of it.)  I finally decided on an IKEA kitchen.  Why you ask?  I’ll tell you.  I have three reasons.

  1. I love their drawers and doors.  They’re silent.  They’re gentle.  They’re as smooth as a ba- well they’re wonderful.
  2. I love that if somethign happens to one…. A kid decides to ride full force into it on a scooter at 45 kph (kids per hour) or something like that… I can just buy a new one.  Any time.  I can even change things around once they’er in there.  Maybe I bought a cupboard and later decided on drawers.  whatever it is, I can change it.  Any time.  No waiting for special orders or having a guy come in and match what was already here.  I can do it.  Me.  Myself.  I like that.
  3. I’ve seen the results in person.  I like the results.  I like how it operates and I like how it holds up.  I was surprised with the fact that I like it.  I tend to be a snob about these things if I give myself half a chance.

I’d originally intended to have friends do the kitchen for me.  I love their work, they’re marvelous cabinetmakers but after having an estimate 7 years ago and still not knowing how much it was going to be, I decided they’re probably too busy to do it.  When you’re good, you’re in demand.   I get it and I’m happy for them.  And, because I like number 2 up there, I don’t feel guilt.  I ‘d hate to expect that kind of turn around from a friend. 

Ok, so I  planned a kitchen.  Now we have to move a sink.  Oh, and replace a window.  don’t forget the back door.  And the new floor.  I get a new fridge.  I’m dreaming of that fridge.

And then there is the dishwasher….

Isn’t she beautiful?  If I had a bigger kitchen I’d get two.  Yes.  I would.  Sue me.  See those utensil holders in the door.  Ahhh

And I’ll get me  nice microwave vent hood dealiebob.  I like dealiebobs.  Like this.

Of course that means a bunch of other stuff has to happen.  You know, hiring a plumber to move my sink.  Hiring someone to put in the floor.  Hiring….  It’s going to be expensive.  10K expensive.  Again.

Then there is the bathroom.  It needs help too.  It needs a floor, a new sink and cabinet, a new medicine cabinet, and a new tub.  With lots of caulking.  Lots.  I’m thinking about buying stock in that stuff.  Wonder how many K that is?

Do you know what this means?  Decisions.  Lots of them.  Deciding between what is “pennywise and pound foolish” and what is just “spendthrifty”.  Deciding whether I want white cabinets (which I LOVE) or if I want to go with all wood cabinets (which I think is smart).  Deciding how to side the house (hardiboard, hardiplank, or vinyl… I’m leaning away from vinyl.  Our current vinyl left a bad taste in my mouth.  Bad.)  Deciding if we move the sink.  Is it worth the money?   Do I do the one wall in the kitchen?

Oh yeah.  And all of the interior doors.  Let’s see… seven of them.  Oh joy.

Oops.   I forgot about how we had talked about putting a floor in the garage… making a utility shed… oops!  The money isn’t never ending.  Priorities.

Kitchen.  Siding.  Bathroom.  In that order. 


1 thought on “Remodeling…

  1. Lovely!

    Just one suggestion- having utensils on the dishwasher door is actually a really bad thing. They only get hit with water from one side and tend to come out dirty (at least in my experience.) It’s the one thing that is mandatory when I’m buying a dishwasher – that the utensils NOT be on the door.

    Do you have an estimated date of completion? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya?

    Kitchen will probably be first thing. We’re getting estimates for plumbing and such this week. I’m guessing we won’t be done with it before March or Mid-April.

    As for the dishwasher, I’m just the opposite of you. Isn’t it funny how we’re all different? If I can’t have them in the door, I don’t want a dishwasher. Probably comes from a lifetime of my appliance repairman father’s training!

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