State of the Household Address- 2008

Well, for a few years now, I’ve written about the changes I’ve made in my life over the past year, how I’ve grown, what’s happenin’ and such-like.

Well, I wasn’t going to bother this year.  We only manged two windows and a partial bathroom remodel on the house.  I’ve finished only one of the two Roman shades for that window and I didn’t make fall clothes for my kids. 

My health issues just kind of took over our lives and I don’t remember what happened before that! 

However, I reflected on a conversation that I had with Adrienne the other day when she was here and realized I do have something to write about the state of our household. 

When my children were little, it seemed as though I spent my days putting out fires more than I spent putting into them as people.  Like many mothers (most I think), I saw all the areas that I thought we needed improvement in our training,-areas where we weren’t consistent or didn’t focus on the right issues.  It seemed as though years slipped through our fingers like grains of sand.  Days followed days and years chased the days until I had teenagers and a grandchild.

Then I got sick.

Let me tell you something.  The house kept going.  The children ate and we managed to survive even though I only did 2 mini grocery trips in 16 weeks.  Kevin bought food, Morgann made frequent trips to the store, and Challice even did a full shop for me once but we managed. 

We had clean clothing that was generally folded and put away.  Bathrooms stayed clean.  The kitchen didn’t shine like I’d LOVE for it to, but it did stay clean enough to avoid health department condemnation status.

School continued, life went on.

My children were more tender toward me.  I’d always wondered if I focused so much on behavior and not enough on loving others.  Let me tell you, my children took care of me.  I know they probably got tired of it.  I know they probably just wanted it over so that I could get my own drink for once but they were patient regardless.  They nagged me about my appointments and reminded me to take medications.  They insisted I sit while they did what needed to be done.  When things looked fairly bleak, the concern and care they showed me was such a blessing. 

I must interject here that Kevin also went the extra hundred miles.  He got up in the morning, set the appliances in motion, went to work, came home, made dinner, directed the kids, helped me (including getting up half a dozen times a night to get me something so I wouldn’t try to do it myself).  I just had to point out that I wasn’t leaving him out deliberately.  This was just about the kids and well, he’s not one.

So, while the house itself doesn’t boast of more windows, a new kitchen, or hand quilted quilts on every bed, the true state of our house is, “…we will serve the Lord.”  (and in a pinch, the mom!)


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