Three Hundred Sixty-Five (365)

Days in a year.  Three hundred sixty-five opportunties to bless someone.  Can I do it?

I had an idea that one single solitary note a day wouldn’t kill me.  It also wouldn’t break the bank.  Three hundred sixty-five times .41 equals one hundred forty-nine dollars and sixty-five cents.  ($149.65)  That’s down right cheap for encouraging three hundred sixty-five souls and saying howdified.  (That’s my girls’ new terminology.  They add ‘ified’ to everything.  I love hearing Braelyn say “Icktified” when something is “icky”.)  I digress.

Can I do it?  Will you bug me and hound me and drive me crazy so I don’t forget?  I even have a great place to send cards for me!  Send Out Cards is an excellent company for sending cards online.  Each card with postage costs approximately 1.00 or so… probably more now thanks to the postal rate hike but still, very affordable.  I love this place!!  If I don’t have time to hand write, I can always type in a quick  note of encouragement to someone in  Send Out Cards and voila!  Not as nice as hand-written perhaps but MUCH nicer than nothing!

Three hundred sixty-five.  (You do know that you aren’t supposed to say “and” sixty-five” right?  Ask Mrs. Elkins about that.  She drilled it into our heads.  And in the middle of a written numeric phrase signifies the beginning of a decimal/fraction.  Thought you ought to know.)

This is my goal for 2008  (hey, I’m feeling really thankful that I didn’t decide to do 2008 notes of encouragement.)  Think I can do it?

 Oh my goodness.  I just realized.  This is Leap Year.  Three hundred sixty-six. 

I’m doomed.

3 thoughts on “Three Hundred Sixty-Five (365)

  1. This is so funny. I just made out a new daily to do list that includes either sending a card, calling, or emailing someone everyday. I’m sure your going to be a blessing to many with your plans of encouragement everyday to someone. You’ve already encouraged me.

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