Now that I can breathe again, I’m determined to get back in the “saddle” again.  I thought about starting WATP but I realized I’d never make it for more than five minutes so I’m starting with elementary ballet movements.  I’ve been doing them nightly for a few days.  My legs don’t wobble as much already.

Demi plie`


Press up!

Come down

Demi plie`


Point to the side…

Close in second.

Demi plie`…

Until I go though all five foot positions.  (I remember the teacher mentioning six but I can only remember five!  No idea where that sixth would be!)

Then I switch arms and go back.

When I can do it without a “barre” I’ll start on WATP.

Recovery.  Who knew it would be so tough?


3 thoughts on “Recovery…

  1. So glad you have a diagnosis and medication to help your recovery!

    Take it slow, please. I know you want to do what you used to do, sooner than later, but it’s going to take a while. We don’t want you to be confined to your chair (or worse) for another three months.

  2. Six positions Cathe dear.

    Five standard positions but fourth has both an open and closed position even though closed is rarely used or taught.

    I knew I remembered Ms. Garland’s instructions correctly!

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