Pretty Papers… Pretty Ribbons… in Hues…

I love wrapping presents.  I love choosing the perfect paper, the coordinating ribbons, and finding the perkiest bows.  I love making each package look so pretty that you don’t want to unwrap it.  Almost. 

If I had the resources, I’d spend a fortune on the best paper, and gorgeous ribbons and learn to make amazing bows.  Every package would be a total work of art.  Just because I love that kind of thing.  However, my frugal side (yes, contrary to popular belief, I do have one) doesn’t allow me to spend as much or more on the wrapping as I do on the gift.  However after years of trying to make cheap paper work, I no longer allow myself to buy it.  I don’t care how beautiful it is, how perfect for this or that person, cheap paper tears, doesn’t cut nicely, turns white at the edges and looks rubbed at the slightest slip across the table.  So, now, I only buy the strongest paper- preferraby with a nice grid on the back. 

I’ve been putting ribbon on my packages for years.  When I was a pre-teen in Ventura I used to walk up Harbor Blvd. to Seward, turn right, walk over the freeway, up the hill, and down a few residential streets.  I’d often cross Newberry’s parking lot to go visit John&Gloria for a few minutes before I crossed back over that same parking lot, across a little side street, debated a Wendy’s Frosty, and finally slipped into the wonderous world of Pic ‘n’ Save.  This is where I first found the rolls of ribbon (you know, eight colors on one tube and once you open them they swirl into a total mess everywhere until you get smart and start taping them back up immediately?)

This year while packaging my presents, I realized something.  My packages have crosses on them!  Isn’t that a silly but sweet reminder of what Christmas is all about?  How amazing that something so simple as festive ribbons on packages would remind me of why we celebrate this holiday in the first place! 

So today I wrapped.  I have papers with holly, snowmen, stripes, plaids, scripture, nostalgic scenes, wreaths, snowflakes, Santa hats and ornaments, and scriptures!  I have bows of red, green, blue, white, and purple.  There are penguins on tags and sweet scenes of boys pulling Christmas trees back on sleds through the snow.  There are Christmas presents from mom, dad, siblings, and grandparents.  There are gifts to children, grandchildren, grandparents, and friends.

We are richly blessed.  I absolutely love everything about the Christmas season but I think the one thing that seems to be the embodiment of it all is a beautifully wrapped package.  To me it reminds me of the true Gift of Christmas and how He left the beauty of heaven to be a humble package for us.  There isn’t anything more beautiful than that.


2 thoughts on “Pretty Papers… Pretty Ribbons… in Hues…

  1. To me it reminds me of the true Gift of Christmas and how He left the beauty of heaven to be a humble package for us. There isn’t anything more beautiful than that.

    What a beautiful thought. I have to remember the cross and ribbons comment whilst I wrap our own.

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