Andra Has a Gift!

Well this was great fun!  The suggestions were marvelous!  I shopped until I dropped, and then I shopped some more!  People suggested amazing things I’d never thought of and other things I’d almost purchased.

The Fashion Magazine Designer

 I had this and the similar one (Fashion Designer Plates)

 in my shopping cart at Hearth Song last week.  I was going to get one each for Jenna and Andra but the older girls thought it was a little too much for them yet so we’ll do it for birthdays or Christmas next year.

I considered the Loom

Kevin and I had finally decided on this adorable terrarium

Until Challice pointed out that I could buy this Stamp Set at our local Children’s Boutique!  I’d seen it there when Emma was born and thought, “This would work perfectly for Jenna or Andra if I need a ‘filler gift.'”  I decided it’d be perfect!  It has fun, Braelyn could bring it home from the shop, and no shipping charges!

So I started wrapping…

And then I put a bow on it…

So… I was in a quandry.  It hadn’t occurred to me to say before hand that I was allowing family to enter the contest.  Frankly, I hadn’t thought about it but outside Kevin or I entering, I was game for anyone and anything.  However, I wasn’t eager to be open to a charge of unjust judging so I came to a decision.  I would offer two prizes.  Since Challice (my daughter) picked the perfect thing for me to get for Andra that is both easy to purchase and that Andra will enjoy!

Dell came up with the terrarium that I almost purchased so she also wins!  The winners can collect their prizes by emailing me.  (Since both happen to have it, this is easy!)

Thank you everyone that participated!  I had a difficult time deciding what to purchase.  I loved so many things but Andra has a love for gardening and the desert isn’t exactly the most conducive to growing beautiful things.  I think I’ll buy this for the kids when we get to the botany section of science this year. 

Merry Christmas!

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