For What it is Worth..

My pulmonary function test registered an 82.

Nurse said “that’s good”.


One healthy mama that can’t get out of a chair coming up.  No wait.  That implies activity.  Activity bad.

Therefore, this healthy mom will sit here until she rots.  Oh, and pray for my frustrated doctor. He knows something is wrong.  He just doesn’t know what.  As a mom, I hate that.  It’s gotta be bad when there is malpractice to consider. 

I’d send him a note.  Really, I would.  You know, something reassurring like, “Please understand that I know you’re almost as frustrated about the lack of finding my problem as I am and I want you to know, I would NEVER sue for non-answers.  We just don’t “do that”.”

Alas.   He’d probably have a settlement on my doorstep by morning and call me Mrs. Godfather so I guess I won’t reassure him.  Poor guy.


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