And the Winner Is… (drum roll please)

The Shop Keeper’s Tale

 Submitted by “Lynn”.  Congratulations Lynn!  Please email me at and I’ll send you your eBay gift certificate!

I had a terrible time deciding as the contest was going on so at the end I just went through the list and picked my favorites… fast.  Anythign that grabbed me at all, I grabbed.  I got six that way.  Then I went through again twice and ended up with more than ten so I had to cut the list.  My final “short list” was

Once Upon a Bookstore
The Shopkeeper’s Impression
Robert’s Choice
Through a Shopkeeper’s Eyes
The (A) Cherished Gift
The Shopkeeper’s Tale
Robert’s Reward
Once Upon a Choice
Grimstead’s Treasure
Handle(ed) with Care

After this, I allowed my board to vote to see if they could see a reason for a title that I’d missed.  However, they chose between my favorite two names…

Grimstead’s Treasure and The Shopkeeper’s Tale.  I wanted some way to combine these.  The clarity and timelessness of Shopkeeper’s Tale with the more exciting “shelf appeal” of Grimstead’s treasure would be perfect! 

One of the board members (who didn’t participate in the contest….silly woman) came up with “Treasure on the Shelf”

That’s the PERFECT name for the book so while The Shopkeeper’s Tale won the contest, the title of this book is, Treasure on the Shelf.

I can’t wait to have my next contest on cover art!


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