What’s Your Basket?

I folded clothes today.  That was a big deal because I stood there the whole time.  As I folded, I studiously avoided the monster sock basket.  We have a HUGE one.  I hate it.  I have always hated it.  Somehow, however, we’ve always managed to have one.  Why is this?  I never had one when I was little.  Then again, it was only the three of us and it was easy to tell whose socks weren’t paired.  Around here, if all of us just have one, it’s enough for a small basket!

But, I realized today, that right now, there is no excuse for a full sock basket.  I can fold and match socks.  I may not be able to carry laundry to the washer, do the switches, or bring it all back inside but I can match socks.  Even on a bad day, I can match socks.  So why don’t I?

This, of course, got my mind thinking about other areas of my life.  What else CAN I do that I avoid doing because it’s too inconvenient or boring?  Buy pajamas?  Make menus? Sort junk drawers?  Efficiently utilize space in this house? 

 Why is it that we will settle for the mediocre when excellence is not difficult to achieve?  So much of our life has slowly settled into a comfortable way of living.  We have little clutter.  Dejunking doesn’t take long because there isn’t much TO dejunk.  Cleaning doesn’t take long because there isn’t much clutter and we keep it up consistently.  Bills stay paid because I found a way to make sure it happened even if I forgot.  Debt is not an issue anymore because we learned to save!  (What an amazing concept!)  Our life runs fairly smoothly but these little rough edges need smoothing!   There will always be something that can be improved.  I need to quit thinkng of life as a “to do list” that can be completed once and for all.

So, I’m off.  I have a sock basket to empty.  But I’m curious, before I go, what is your “basket”?


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Basket?

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  2. I hope I am leaving this in the right box. LOL.
    Havig hug dear mumsie. You know I can’t explain or articulate things very well but I want you to know how much I love you and see so much strength from you even in your chair. How much I need to learn!

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