Update on the Chair Front

Well here I sit.  Another week goes by and I sit.  I sit…. and I sit.

However, since coming to a realization that life in a chair doesn’t have to be the epitome of boredom or completely free from accomplishment, I have managed to add more meaningful activity to my days.

Since that day I have…

  • Edited two chapters in “Cinders”
  • Edited a photo shoot.
  • Organized about 300 pictures
  • Started consistent daily work on Ethan’s reading lessons
  • Started a Christmas shopping list
  • Started a Blog for my childhood memories.
  • Switched out the tablecloth for something “Fallish”
  • Researched alternate moderator gifts.
  • Read four books
  • Crocheted 3 more rows on afghan
  • Planned science blitz.
  • Planned quick Thanksgiving blitz to start in November. (How did I forget that the little kids haven’t done one?)
  • Planned two new ooks.

Today I’m off to update my writing website and do some tote sorting/decluttering.   Not too shabby….


2 thoughts on “Update on the Chair Front

  1. You know how Hitler bombed London for 57 days in order to conquer England? He just pounded them!

    When I do a “blitz” schoolwise, I take a lot of information and try to drive it home in as short of amount of time in the most efficient way I can. It’s a lot more fun to “DO PILGRIMS” by literally attacking it for a predetermined period of time while trying to “conquer” the subject at that same time.

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